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Quick updates: building, beaching, and a lost blog post

I haven’t posted in a while and have meant to. Our landscape work to level the building site is almost done, the new driveway has gravel on it now, and I’ve thought a lot about what it feels like to have swapped my decade-long career in tech for a role as caregiver and homemaker in such a remote place (short answer: great!). But when I penned a lot of these updates and thoughts to this blog, just as I was about to publish it something glitched and the work was all lost. Any writer's nightmare. So without the time or heart to re-write everything I’d put together, here are some images and short updates.

I carried the kids over the rocks to a remote little bay south of the beach we usually go to and spent a morning playing in the low tide. Despite it being Saturday, we had the place to ourselves. When you go on vacation, you dream of having a private beach all to yourself for a week before heading back to the crowded place you came from. But when you live in that remote and gorgeous place, you cross your fingers there will be other people or families there to share the sand and waves with you. The kids have a great time nevertheless, people or (usually) no people.

Our digger finished clearing the site, and we can really imagine where the house will go now. We cleared a flat spot for our container where a mosquito pond used to be. At this rate though, our container of belongings likely won’t get here until 2022, given the shipping crisis worldwide. When it does though, it’ll be great as storage, and eventually we can turn it into a sleep-out for guests.

Next up is pouring the foundation, getting our house materials delivered, and starting on the work of actually building. Isaac has polished up the plans and we love what has come together. We can’t wait to get started.

Now, fingers crossed I don't lose any blog posts ever again. 🤞

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